Responsible Sourcing


All Great Chocolate Starts with Great Cocoa Beans

A great chocolate bar requires great cocoa beans and even better farmers. We ethically source our beans from the Dominican Republic, which happens to be the first and largest organic cocoa producer in the wold!

Giving Back To The Community

When all is said and done, the fair trade premiums are then invested into the local areas community projects, such as contributions to local schools, replenishing cocoa trees and renovation on buildings.

Customer Reviews

high quality and healthy ingredients

has purchased: Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar

Cocoa Parlor chocolate is right now and has been for a while my very favorite thing. i so much appreciate those people and businesses that still take the time to do things right (high quality and healthy ingredients).
This chocolate actually helps me sleep better. Please keep making this great quality chocolate as long as you can!
I thank you.
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Customer Reviews

Only organic foods are served here without anything containing soy.

has purchased: Organic Vegan Chocolate & Truffles

Only organic foods are served here without anything containing soy. You can find their chocolate bars in some stores and boutiques, but this is the only location to purchase their truffles and bark and cookies, many of the products are gluten free. The truffle flavors that I found laid out in perfect rows during my visit included chocolate orange, raspberry, black seed curry, caramel jungle, peanut butter crunch, peanut butter milk chocolate, peanut butter dark chocolate, caramel milk chocolate, caramel dark chocolate, hazelnut, cappuccino, espresso, cinnamon latte, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and coconut. The chocolate bark flavors at the time of my visit included cranberry hazelnut, cashew bark, almond bark, and goji berry hemp.
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Customer Reviews

I love to eat local & this place is amazing!

has purchased: Chocolate Truffles & Chocolate Bars

I found this chocolate shop in search of vegan treats. It's a small but cute shop, you can see straight into the kitchen-work area I like that! I got greeted by a friendly staff member she was extremely helpful, I didn't get her name. They have an large selection of vegan & non vegan organic chocolates which you can taste. They have a sampling area which I love! They also have a display case full of truffles & other chocolates. I ended up with a chocolate bar $5 & a bag of chocolate & almond bark $10, & $2 white chocolate bunnies for Easter treats. I love to eat local & this place is amazing!
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